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Certified Meditation Teacher ERIC CORVERS C.M.I.  meditationwitheric@gmail.com

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1.5 Hour MONTHLY Meditation WORKSHOPS @ INNER DAWN YOGA on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month 7-8:30pm                                                                            Guided Instruction: preparing the body & mind – 30 min
Vipassana meditation – 20 min                                                                                                 Discourse – 20 min

Discourse will include topics such as: ego, mind/body connection, meditation research, meditation in everyday lives, and discussion from Q & A. Please remember to bring your personal blankets/pillows/bolsters to provide your own comfort! Also bring a journal or notebook if you enjoy writing things down.

🎯Setting intentions before meditating

Setting intentions before meditating can promote the development of your practice. When you first sit to meditate, bring hands to centre and set an intention for your practice. Here are some examples:


“May my mind easily relaxes and settles on my breath”

“During this meditation, may I share my peace and happiness with all beings”

“May I be gentle with myself and non-judgementally redirect my thinking mind to my point of focus”

“May I have a peaceful and relaxing meditation”

“May I easily hold my posture for my 20 minute meditation”

“May I non-judgementally observe whatever experience I encounter during this meditation”

Join us for our next live workshop Wed, Feb 7th @ 7-8:30 P.M. @ Inner Dawn Yoga in Sarnia. Members free. $15 for non-members. Call Inner Dawn to book your spot.

💤Meditation helps us sleep 🛌

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep? Or perhaps you wake in the middle of the night and then can’t get back to sleep. This happens to all of us time to time. Why? The reason is usually that we can’t turn off our minds. The “monkey mind” does not want to rest… ever. We can use meditation as a tool to calm the mind and aid the transition to sleep. In your bed, you can lie down or sit up on some pillows for meditation. Simply follow the directions outlined in this blog under the Meditation 101 tab (specifically steps 5 and 6 – no need to set a timer). Try this “in-bed meditation” at bed time and also if you wake in the middle of the night. You’ll find it may only take a few minutes of breath-focus meditation to settle your mind for sleep. For more info, check out this article “Mindfulness meditation helps fight insomnia and improve sleep”.

Join us for our next live workshop Wed, Jan 10th @ 7-8:30 P.M. @ Inner Dawn Yoga in Sarnia. Call Inner Dawn to book your spot. NO WORKSHOP THIS WED, Jan 3.

meditation in bed

💙 3 Pillars of Compassion & How Long Should I Meditate?

Compassion – Plain and simple, having compassion makes life easier; mostly because compassion curbs our reaction and opinion of others and ourselves in a positive way. Consider the frustration we endure on a regular basis over the behaviour of other’s… or the harsh judgements we make on ourselves. Best of all, harnessing compassion within ourselves inevitably spreads benefit to other’s around us. But how do we develop compassion? In our last live workshop, we began our focus on compassion with the first pillar: “Everyone’s actions provide a window to how they’re feeling“. Once you develop your awareness of this pillar, you feel like you’re wearing x-ray vision glasses! People’s actions reveal how they’re feeling inside – such an important gateway to compassion. We will unpack the second pillar in our next live workshop Wed, Dec 6th @ 7-8:30 P.M. @ Inner Dawn Yoga in Sarnia.

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MINDFULNESS TIP: Keep your gaze upward. When walking, driving, running, going up the stairs etc., keep your gaze upward – or on the horizon or on the trees if your outside. This will help you bring your mind to the moment.


Meditation is no different than tennis. The more you practice, the better you get. The more you hit the ball against the practice wall on your own, the better you will perform in the game with a real opponent. The more minutes you sit in meditation observing your breath (or physical sensations in the body), the better you will perform in your everyday active life with real people and circumstances. There’s an old saying in the circles of meditation… “don’t just do something, sit there”. So here’s a simple guideline that new meditators find helpful:

Always use a timer (helps focus the mind). For those new to meditation, start with 5 minutes each morning or evening for about 2 weeks. Then increase your time to 10 minutes each day for 2 more weeks. Then increase to 15 minutes each day for 2 more weeks. Then try 20 minute meditations thereafter. Many meditators find that 20 minutes gives the mind a fair chance to touch the deeper mental work necessary for steady improvement. But improvement DOES NOT MEAN how long you can keep your mind on your breath…. improvement means how non-judgemental can you be (or how friendly can you be) with yourself when your mind wanders to thought. There is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” meditation… there is only meditation. Improvement is marked by your ability to be AWARE of thinking, ACCEPT thinking, and non-judgementally (with a smile on your face perhaps) re-direct the mind back to your point of focus. In my training in the east, I met many veteran monks who had been meditating for 30 years and reported to me that their mind still wanders during meditation!… it’s just that they’ve become better at being ok with it 🙂. For more experienced meditators, their duration of meditation time can range from 10 minutes to one…even two hours per day. Personally, I usually meditate for 40 minutes as part of my morning routine.

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Join us for our next live workshop Wed, Dec 6th @ 7-8:30 P.M. @ Inner Dawn Yoga in Sarnia. Call Inner Dawn to book your spot.

🎧 Meditation with Eric PODCAST #10 on YOUTUBE 📺

🎧 Check out Meditation with Eric PODCAST Episode #10 “Morning Routine” on YOUTUBE 📺 (just click the pic below) 🌀Visit the Zen Den to watch the intro of this episode where Eric dives into his 7-Step morning routine and the benefits of “Frequency over Quantity”. To hear the full “live class” audio podcast with a guided meditation, choose iTunes or Android here

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  1. Wed, Oct 25th @ Lambton College: SOLD OUT
  2. Wed, Nov 1st @ 7-8:30pm @ Inner Dawn Yoga: call Inner Dawn Yoga to book your spot (519) 491-7949


🌀Meditation VS Mindfulness🏃🏻

Thank you everyone who came out to the first official MONTHLY WORKSHOP at Inner Dawn Yoga studio. Workshops @ Inner Dawn Yoga run first WEDNESDAY of every month 7-8:30pm – next Inner Dawn workshop is Nov 1st (see Schedule for rego details).

In last week’s Workshop, here’s what we covered…

There is a time to LET and a time to GO

Oct 4 ID pic

LET: Meditation is the time we make to sit distraction free, and practice directing the attention of our mind to a single point of focus. We train the mind to focus on what WE want to focus on – and avoid being victim to a wild chattering mind. To have more peace, we need to practice feeling peaceful. In meditation, we LET GO and SURRENDER. We ALLOW our breath to fall natural and control nothing in our bodies (except maintaining an upright comfortable position).

GO: Mindfulness is directing our minds to experience sensations in any given moment during our everyday active busy lives. Mindfulness is being in the NOW while on the GO. Here’s a list of HOMEWORK strategies we can use in our everyday active lives to incorporate mindfulness:

  1. The Waking Moment – think of simple things to be grateful for. Then imagine your entire day in fast-forward with a smile on your face
  2. Deep Breathing – try to breath deeper than usual at any time
  3. Mindful Walking – pay attention to sensation in your feet. Keep your gaze on the horizon. Look into the bright sky without sunglasses and absorb the benefits of natural daylight on your eyes
  4. Humming – calm your mind and body with silent humming
  5. Cold Showers – crank it to cold and enjoy the benefits of cold therapy
  6. Mindful EATING – try to have a few meals without reading anything or looking at screens
  7. Mindful DRIVING – two hands on the wheel with no radio or music…or texting!



🦋SEMINAR: Mindfulness for you & the children you care for

Join Eric Corvers at the Lambton College Oct 25, 2017 for an evening of FIRST: learning mindfulness strategies specifically for busy adults – enabling you to promote your own well-being in everyday active life, and SECOND: learning mindfulness strategies to practice with children. REGISTRATION DETAILS BELOW…

PPRC Seminar Oct 25, 2017

REGISTRATION for Eric’s PPRC Lambton College Oct 25th SEMINAR

The PPRC is now using Eventbrite as their registration tool. This new system will allow participants or organizations to register one or more people and provides an immediate confirmation. Full Information is required for each participant.

Each event is set to close 2-4 days before the event takes place. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Ready to Register? Follow the link below to see all events being offered. You can click on the link below (electronic copy) or type this link into your browser.


Simply choose the event or events you wish to register for and click the register button on the right hand side of the page. If you have any questions regarding this new process please contact Kim Jackson at 519-542-7751, ext. 3280.

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Join us on the first Wednesday of every month for live meditation workshops with Eric @ Inner Dawn Yoga, Sarnia. The first two workshops on Wed, Oct 4th & Wed, Nov 1st are special “Yoga of Hope” workshops to support Lucien Nadeau and family. See registration details below…

YogaOFhope InnerDawn


  • Wed, Oct 4, 2017 @ 7-8:30pm – INNER DAWN YOGA studio / SPECIAL “Yoga of Hope” Workshop/ min $5 donation – register online or call Inner Dawn 
  • Wed, Nov 1, 2017 @ 7-8:30pm –  INNER DAWN YOGA studio / SPECIAL “Yoga of Hope” Workshop/ min $5 donation – register online or call Inner Dawn

Sign up for the above workshops online for free at www.innerdawnyoga.com and donate the day of the meditation workshops in the studio. Namaste!